Sunday, March 20, 2011

A taste of spring......

With signs of spring blooming everywhere, and easter a short hop away, its time to start preparing for a wonderful easter celebration!

What a better way to welcome your guests then having a whimsical wreath that greats them at the door......With polymesh all the rage this year it makes a great addition to that whimsy on a wreath! then decorate with your own personal favs.........

So you've set the scene.....onto the table decorating........

why not personalize your whole celebration by matching your and green is such a classic and makes a warm welcome for spring!

this plate set was made to match the wreath for a upcoming
brunch......go one step further with table deco and voila~
a beautiful easter table!

since i'm new to blogging i feel like my head is spinning in circle trying to figure it all out.......for some reason i can't seem to add anymore pics to this story....go i will post part 2 right after this one!

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