Monday, November 28, 2011

aNNouNciNg our BIG winner!!!!

the winner is..................................



congrats girl!!!!!

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thanks to EVERYONE for entering this giveaway!! check back often as well be doing giveaways quite often!!! back to the boy it looks like santa has stopped bye, just wish he'd left his elves to help!♥ happy crafting...blessings to all!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

hAppY FRIDAY madness.....

happy thanksgiving wEEk........our drawing is right around the corner!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

spring fling.....

here is one can design this one with CHRISTMAS colors and ohhh how aDOORable it will be.......

couple new designs to get u going....

here are a few new designs i just added, start thinking about your own design as we are headed closer to the drawing date! you can pick one of mine or design your own....just FOLLOW to be entered......♥
HaPpY MONDAY everyone, a new week.... a new day! celebrate it!!

LOTS of painting and working this week, just imagine santa's workshop and that's what it's like in the tracy household right now!! soooo much fun!!

GIVEAWAY will be held at the end of this week! tell all your friends to come by and ENTER, thanks so much for following us~y'all are AWESOME!
have a GREAT week and CeLebRate the DAy.....give thanks for the days blessings!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

♥♥GIVEAWAY...... follow to ENTER♥♥

♥♥GIVEAWAY...... follow to ENTER♥♥

well on the wAy............♥

hey y'all.....thanks so much for coming over and joining my BLOG! y'all are AWESOME!!!
hopefully we will continue to get some followers this week and have our big GIVEAWAY next weekend, so tell ALL your friends to come follow!
a BIG giant ThAnKs goes to my friend LIANA for sharing my love and passion with y'all....she is the BEST! It amazes me on a daily basis how God puts the perfectly right people in your path. I give thanks to him for the blessing of meeting LIANA.....
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

another GREAT day....♥

So the great battle begins anew! will i ever feel like i have a clue about how to work my was what my kids would call a def FAIL, adding more pics the other day....i have no clue as to what i did to my was all 'blogged' up! so another day, lets start fresh!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring.....part 2.....

So in my great battle to become a blogger i really think i may end up pulling out my hair......there has to be some rhyme or reason for how to make an easy post w pics included.....well my picking and poking is not leading to a ton of success, so if anybody is out there and could share some simple facts, i know this mop of red would appreciate your gesture!.....

so here we go again, let's see if i can actually upload the rest of my pics for a gorgeous easter table setting!

A taste of spring......

With signs of spring blooming everywhere, and easter a short hop away, its time to start preparing for a wonderful easter celebration!

What a better way to welcome your guests then having a whimsical wreath that greats them at the door......With polymesh all the rage this year it makes a great addition to that whimsy on a wreath! then decorate with your own personal favs.........

So you've set the scene.....onto the table decorating........

why not personalize your whole celebration by matching your and green is such a classic and makes a warm welcome for spring!

this plate set was made to match the wreath for a upcoming
brunch......go one step further with table deco and voila~
a beautiful easter table!

since i'm new to blogging i feel like my head is spinning in circle trying to figure it all out.......for some reason i can't seem to add anymore pics to this story....go i will post part 2 right after this one!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sping has... sPrUnG!

Heavenly day.........

What a fabulous weekend we had last week....looks like the weather is ready for an encore performance! suppose to be in the 80's again!

So who knew we were taking the 'moderate' trail with the most difficulty! you may want to choose a beginner trail for your first hike of the season, about kickin ' butt........we weren't sure if we were going to make it back....6 miles is along way thru hill and dell!
needless to say, making our way back to the car was a heavenly site, even though thayer thought it might be a mirage after such a brutal experience! lol.......
complaints aside, it was a glorious day , one the Lord hath made........

Hippity , hoppity ....easter's on its way!

What diva wouldn't want to carry this to her next easter EGG hunt! the fun ribbon makes this basket so fab with a twist of whimsy!

These bitty baskets are great for little gifts or make great pails for the babies and toddlers.....

Sunday, January 30, 2011

dillydallie's v♥lentine it l♥ve?

is it L♥ve??
The lingering question,......Yes, comes to mind as I ponder that question for a few minutes. As far back in my life as i can remember it's ALWAYS been there and has held a special, yet magical place in my H♥eart. I remember the excitement i would feel when i was around it, the love i had for it and all its counterparts. I loved the smell of it, the feel of it. This was definitely Love... and not the kind we describe as puppy love, or fading love, this was the real deal, the love that lasts a lifetime!

As we all know love comes with its up and downs, it seems like a never-ending roller coaster at times...... and this love was no different. When i was young we had a wonderful relationship, i could come and go as i pleased, it was always there for me when i needed it, with no expectations. What a wonderful time in life.
As we grew older i tried to make more of a commitment to it, but i just wasn't ready to settle down. I've always wanted to do a little of this and a little of that, good for some things but bad for others. I had other plans at this point and it just didn't fit into my life as much as it had, or so i thought back then. Looking back i realize it was always there with me. A love like this just never tires.
Weddings and babies and the kind of love, that is unimaginable until you have it, entered into my world and it seemed as though these things may have replaced my passionate love. But once again i look back and see how this wonderful passionate love was with me and how it was always so faithful!
Flash forward through the younger years of diapers and babies and the sparks were beginning to reunite with this love. I saw it in my everyday life more clearly then i had in recent years. I saw this love reaching out in ways i had never imagined, it was starting to touch the hearts of my children, and this was so exciting. I had more times at this point that felt like our relationship was back out in the open and it was wonderful.
At this point we decided to take our relationship to a new level, we were about to embark on a much bigger commitment. Up to this point we had our casual affairs from time to time and i was able to spend days where i was absorbed in this love. But i wanted more, casual flings just weren't enough, i was ready to make this a daily affair and when the opportunity presented itself, i jumped. With both feet i was in, not really considering all my consequences but just knowing how much i was in love, and to me that is all that really seemed to matter.

Love does conquer all, or so they say. Our love went smoothly for a while but as with any good rollercoaster ride you know the ups n downs and the thrill you get from the ride, well this was our experience for the next few years. I got off task many times and wasn't as committed as i could have been but that love always remained. We never tired of one another.
We had what some might call a screeching halt, it looked as though our ride may have come to an end. Things were a blur for a bit but when they came back in focus there it was, the same wonderful love that had always been there, waiting for me with no expectations! Isn't it unimaginable to have something that wonderful, that is always there for you?

Here we are a few years later and we have fallen head over heels once again, we have taken that plunge and raised that level of commitment. I hope that on this latest journey, y'all will be there to see how we endure.......just starting this blog has been a love-hate relationship bender for us.........its been exciting, and overwhelming, fun and exhausting. But here we are, going strong, cupid couldn't do any yes I'd have to say with no uncertainty that this is definitely L♥ve........a love that i want to share with the world! and some really cool bloggers too!
happy v♥lentines day .......
I l♥ve ART!